Initial nutritional consultation 60 mins  

During your initial consultation (60mins), Mark will work with you to get an in depth look into your medical history, including relevant family history as well as your current diet and lifestyle, this can be looked at as a fact finding mission into your current state of health. Please bring copies of any medical reports or recent pathology tests to your initial consultation.  Functional testing may be requested if seen to improve the patients outcome, Referrals to your GP may also be ordered if necessary.
During this consultation, an initial health care plan will be formulated. The patient may receive practitioner quality nutritional supplements and dietary and lifestyle change individualised to their health concerns.
The client will also be given a 4 week meal plan specific to dietary needs and any allergy or intolerance that has been identified during this consultation.





Return consultation 40 mins

In your return consultation (40 mins) all the information from the initial case taking will have been further examined with any relevant tests that may have been ordered.
In this consultation Mark will determine how your treatment is progressing and adjustments may be made to your initial treatment plan where needed.

Follow up consultations are usually at fortnightly, monthly or six-week intervals depending on the conditions being treated. These appointments are 40 minutes in duration and include reviews and ongoing health assessments and possible changes to your health care plan as required.



Meal Plans

Cooking Classes

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